About Mission

As a fellow traveler, my mission is to honour self and others on our soul’s journey of discovery and healing, while connecting with the peace and beauty of nature.


“One Place To Be is a place of nature and beauty.  The beautiful, park-like surroundings include mature trees, shrubs, flowers of many varieties, adding colour and aroma along every step on a path around the property.  There are many benches and places to stop and sit with friends or to choose solitude for moments of meditation and stillness.

Everyone drawn to this place is a bringer of light, on a path of healing, releasing all blocks in the way of remembering All That We Are and being all we are meant to BE.”  ~ April 3, 2011~

This was the beginning of the vision of One Place To Be, a vision which is unfolding with Divine grace and ease. The physical place miraculously manifested at the beginning of 2012.

Flowers 042

The setting happens to be in a beautiful place in nature, however, the real place that is accessed when you visit is your inner place. That place inside you! The PLACE you can BE at ONE with yourself and All That Is.  It is here that our self-discovery and self-healing journey truly begins.

There is not one of us today that is exempt from wanting to release “stuff” we are holding on to energetically. This “stuff” or stuck energy shows up on all levels of our being; mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.  

Although we are embarking on an individual sacred journey, we are also co-creating an environment of child-like curiosity and play!  Sharing this journey, we open to learning new ways of being from and with each other; raising our vibrations in line with the New Earth and remembering All That We Are. ♥

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