How to Attract Abundance


Abundance is a very powerful word denoting a plentiful amount, more than enough, releasing beliefs of lack and limitation. 

We all wish to experience a life full of abundance!  Abundance in health: mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Abundance in wealth: energy, time, and money.  Abundance in happiness: loving relationships, friends, passion and enthusiasm.  It is all-encompassing! 

There are several reasons we may experience less than abundance in any of these areas and it is important to be compassionate with ourselves in light of our experiences.  In particular our feelings of hurt, pain, loss, and grief need to be acknowledged in a sensitive way, remembering we each take the time we need to move forward from such experiences.  We all have them.

Eventually we want more for ourselves.  We no longer want to feel in this limiting way.

As many articles have already recounted, there are many ways to help attract abundance into our lives, such as; gratitude, affirmations, visualizations and more.

However, sometimes our independent nature may hold us back from moving forward because we don’t know how and refuse to ask for help.  If we really want change and more abundance in our lives we need to ask for it.

It doesn’t matter who we ask; God, the universe, angel guides, friends or that spark within us connected with all that is.  The point is to ask.  We can ask directly for what we want or we can ask for the “how.”  

How can I heal what happened in the past and have an abundance of peace now and moving forward?  How can I restore my overall well-being and be abundant in passion and enthusiasm?  How can I move on and attract new loving relationships into my life?  How can I experience financial abundance?  How can I?  Show me the way! (* For more on this topic, see article “How Can I?” April 1, 2014 )

There is tremendous power in asking!!! All forces will conspire to bring you the answers; one puzzle piece at a time.  Of course, next we need to believe answers will come, listen for them, and then act on them.  All the abundance in health, wealth and happiness is ours for the asking and receiving! 

This has been and continues to be my experience.  For this I am truly grateful!

~~  Sherry Buikema ~~