Accessing Our Inner Guidance

Accessing our inner guidance means connecting with that part of us that has many names – intuition, subconscious, sacred self, higher self and spirit. Choose the term that resonates most with you.

There are many ways to access our inner guidance such as through meditation, yoga and being in nature, to name a few. Mostly it starts with being quiet and still, which in today’s busy life style we rarely take time to do. When we are quiet, our inner voice can be heard.

When I was going through a very pivotal change in my life, I was feeling fearful about the choices I was making. As I was giving up my job and apartment, I was feeling a little anxious about change. Logically I knew it was the right choice, but fearful self-talk started coming up for me. Was I doing the right thing? Was this step for my highest good? It was at this time I came across a very helpful tool called the Sway Test.
The underlying understanding of this tool is our body holds the answers. It knows the truth about us and what is in our best interest. To do it, we start out by standing tall, hands hanging to side and relaxed. It is good to take a couple relaxing breaths. We can either make a statement or ask a question. So in this case I asked the question, “Is it in my highest good to move in with my sweetheart at this time?” Immediately, my body swayed forward, which means Yes! After using the sway test, my mind was set at ease immediately and I felt very calm. It was validation for me that I was doing the right thing.
If the body sways backwards, it means no. In addition, if we wobble slightly back and forth or in a little circle, it means there is not a significant difference either way, so we decide. On the slim chance we don’t respond to anything, we may be a little dehydrated. It is good to test it first by making a statement such as, “My name is _____.” Using our own name, we will sway forward. Inserting someone else’s name, we will sway backward. There may be a slight pause before you sway in response to your statement.
For me, I find this tool a quick and easy way to access answers to questions without going through agonizing mental dialogue, then making only the “logical” decision. It can be used for asking lots of questions, such as: Is it in my highest good to go to the event on Tuesday? Is it in my highest good to buy this product (whether it is food or any other item)? Is it in my highest good to move to this house? Is it in my highest good to take this job? This has proven to be a most helpful tool in many areas of life!
Looking after the needs of the body, mind and spirit reflects in our overall well-being. When we access this part of ourselves, with tools like this, we are taking all these things into consideration as we move through our lives. We are consciously making choices that are in harmony with ourselves as a whole being, which allows us to shine! 🙂
~ Sherry Buikema