About Sherry

One day Sherry had a thought: “Getting up, going to work, coming home, looking after family, going to bed, getting up, going to work, …  What is it all about? What is the purpose of it all?” No sooner was this thought formulated and everything in life began to change!  Looking back, it was all for the better! 

In 2007 she was introduced to the DVD “The Secret” right after having inherited a property from a neighbour.  During a period of financial despair, this was a most welcome gift.  Learning about the universal Law of Attraction, it became apparent that it was by holding a positive outlook on things, that it all worked out.  

There was a realization that the pen to create the life of her dreams was in her hands.  Teacher after teacher, resource after resource appeared; each one sharing valuable guidance for personal growth, spiritual understanding and self-healing.  

Sherry was guided to her first energy healing friend, Deb-Aurah Araznu, in 2010.  At that moment she felt she had come home and was reunited with her spiritual family.  On the very first visit with this friend, incredible balancing was experienced in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of her being. A true sense of well-being, peace and happiness was attainable after all.  She knew in that moment, this is what she wanted to share with others.  

As Sherry began learning about energy healing ways, she developed a dream.  It was a dream of a beautiful place in nature, where friends gather for meditation and self-healing. This One Place To Be wonderfully manifested in the beginning of 2012.  With the help of her very supportive husband, Otto, this magical place is evolving.   

Dreams are coming true as the first Day Retreat was held in October 2013, with regular retreats going forward. Sherry has completed Reiki Masters and Golden Infinity Flow Technique training; offering energy work sessions to others. Stemming from a love of numbers, Sherry is also offering a fun self-discovery tool by way of Gematria Ancient Egyptian Numerology.

In addition, she has been nudged to offer a monthly Conscious Co-Creators Sharing gathering. As we consciously come together to create, play and express in response to a theme, we are raising our vibrations and rippling them out as powerful intentions into our world!

Sherry’s experiences have taught her to “Believe, all things are possible!”  It is an honour and joy for her to share this with others.

It is just beginning! ♥

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