Hi Friends,
Last Monday I started experiencing a pinched nerve resulting from moving too much mulch in one wheel barrow load. Ugg. Painful spasms zapped the right side of my head frequently and intensely! Even though I attempted to meditate and received distance healing with friends, by Wednesday, I was emotionally distraught, as I was unable to do any outside work, especially now the weather is so nice!
Thursday night I required 3 doses of muscle relaxers before due time and heat rub. Friday, I woke up at 1:15 a.m. in tears. When I realized a chiropractor appointment was out of the question, even for what I labelled an emergency, all I could do was sit in nature. When I surrendered, this is what she said. As I was writing this message, sitting by the pond, the final hold on spasms was released. That evening I was able to sleep pain free without meds or heat rub and doing well since.
I was noticing my feelings. I was feeling a lack of control and nothing I could do to change it. I felt restricted and limited as to what I could do. I sense the similarity to feelings around this whole isolation situation and all the things coming to light.
I re-remembered that Love is ready to hold and heal us, if we can let go of needing to be in control and surrender. Surrendering is not giving up, but giving over. As guided, allowing Love, Earth Mother, Divine Source, Higher Self, Beings of Light – whatever it is for us, to assist us in holding space for our concerns, anxieties and fears. In this beautiful space of unconditional love we integrate the shadows, so that shifts and miracles happen!
Interesting is that I also experienced a shift in my feelings around current situations, freeing up space for more love and expansion!! This is one of the things we came here to re-remember, practice and share. We’ve got this!
Nudged to share. Much Love to All! ❤