Thoughts to Share

    Guide Message  

This Guide is within and without. External, internal and completely one with self and all living beings. This Guide is my voice, his voice, her voice, a voice shared by all, coming from Love and Wisdom.

It encourages me to fan the embers with urgency! Saying:

“Wake up to your mastery! You are a master! You are a creator! You are an individual, unique expression, learning to love self – all that you have experienced, done and are evolving into. You are embracing and truly knowing your role, in all you think, say, do and create.

You are stepping into presence in this NOW moment and the next. Remembering to be with all your beingness.

You are welcoming and activating the previously disconnected parts of self – parts that have been unplugged and are being plugged in again. There is renewed energy, vigor, passion to be creative, opening to all possibilities desiring to be expressed in, through and as you.

You are the breath. You are the heart beat. You are the automatic responses of life force coursing through your being. You are the pulsing and the tingling that triggers excitement bursting from your center and into your world and beyond! You are those things and so much more!

You are the child you came here to be – curious, open, loving, eager-to-explore, discover, laugh and play. You play for playing’s sake; without inhibitions and pre-determined agendas. Free to be!

Connected with body, mind and spirit, you instinctively know your needs and find ways to meet them – never supressing or denying those nudges – going with the flow.

You are innocent and all-knowing in joy and child-like wonder! You are loved! Thank you for listening.”

© Sherry Buikema ~ April 17, 2019

    Dancing Balls

Who knew these ornaments, hanging from the cherry tree could bring so much joy this winter! It seems the simple joys have much to share!

Throughout the winter, during morning tea, I have been mesmerized, enchanted and captivated by the sway of the Christmas balls hanging from the tree. It is a meditative catalyst of sorts, while waking up each day.

Quietly observing and aware, I noticed at first how my mind wanted to sort, organize and label what was happening in order to make some logical sense of it all.

Aside from each ball wearing a different exterior, with various amounts of light shining on them, as I continued to witness the dancing balls, I noticed no two were exactly in sync. As one moved right and left, another moved left then right, this one a shorter distance, that one a longer distance, this one front and back, that one back and front, this one almost still and that one moving vigorously.

I was transfixed on the uniqueness of each one dancing to their own song or beating to their own drum, as it were. Each one being moved a little differently by the unseen force of the wind. The current ebbed and flowed around them, affecting each one in an individual way, resulting in a unique expression in response to this flow.

I realized I had become an observer, one filled with love and joy for what I was witnessing. Loving all of it without judgement. Simply noticing.
There was an incredible joy, resonance and peace that washed over me, as I realized the similarity to all beings. Each one creating unique expressions in response to the flow of their life.

Flowing with deep-felt gratitude)))))

© Sherry Buikema ~ January 25, 2018

 Tree Top Take Away

Often nature has much to teach us. I couldn’t help notice the tremendous speed and power of the wind blowing through the tree tops this week. The sound of the wind building and rushing through the trees sounds so similar to waves approaching and crashing in against the shore; the magnificent ebb and flow!

The trees simply stand there, grounded by their roots and supported by the earth, all the while surrendering to the power and majesty of its environment. Without resistance, the trees are in motion, ebbing and flowing, allowing this energy to shake loose the broken parts. Broken branches, damaged from their experience no longer add value to the growth of the tree. They are assisted to return to the ground in order to decompose, feeding the earth and thereby the tree. How perfect!

The tree, no longer inhibited by broken pieces, surrenders to unfurling new leaves and growing new branches. Space has opened up, so the beauty of the tree can fill in the gaps with new growth and expansion; stretching and reaching into a higher version of itself!

This all feels symbolic of this part of the journey for me, as I am practicing surrender to the unseen divine source energy that moves in, through, as and around this being called me. Holding in this space of surrender is not natural, as it is for my tree friends. Surrendering comes with resistance however, with breath, silence and the whispers from my soul I experience a knowing that everything is perfect in this moment and the next. With each moment of surrender and trust, parts which no longer serve are shaken loose, opening space and becoming food for new growth and expansion to bloom.

It takes practice to let go of trying to control everything and allowing divine source energy, which flows and blows through this soul’s expression, to do its job. As it turns out, surrendering to this flow is a beautiful thing!

© Sherry Buikema ~ March 2, 2016


What That Feels Like

A line from the movie, Sweet Home Alabama has been on my mind. In the middle of the wedding ceremony, when the bride speaks her peace about being in love with someone else, the groom says “Wow! This is what that feels like!”

In our human experience, we came to feel a wide variety of e-motions or energy in motion. This is one reason we are here. Often, as we grow we are taught to suck it up, pretend we are tough and sometimes even told not to be so happy or excited.

Later in our journey, as we awaken to the power of our thoughts, we often judge our unhappy feelings and endeavor to change them with whatever tools we have discovered along the way. Although, there is merit in choosing to transmute so-called “negative” into “positive”, there is an opportunity here that we may be overlooking.

It seems we are being given opportunities to observe and even love our emotional experiences. What if we give our attention to how we are feeling? If we have labelled the feeling “bad” what if we really feel that feeling? What if we loved and nurtured ourselves, as we would a young child who had the same feelings? What if we simply placed our hand on our heart and said I love you? The beautiful thing is, once it is acknowledged, felt and loved, it naturally lessens in intensity. The feeling may not leave entirely, but somehow things will feel lighter.

Typically, we humans want to control what happens to ourselves, our loved ones, and surroundings. However, sometimes things happen which appear beyond our control, such as sickness and loss.

As one example, I recently experienced the flu. I have never been so physically sick; vomiting, fever, headaches, body aches and coughing for weeks. It was interesting to observe my thoughts and feelings that came up during this experience. I discovered so many valuable things in the process. Here are a few:

1. The more I grumbled and moaned, the worse I felt. What I resisted… persisted and even magnified!
2. The mundane daily tasks and work waited or was looked after by someone else.
3. There were daily time wasters that were instantly dropped because of simply not feeling well enough to do them.
4. It is okay to give myself permission to do nothing sometimes, especially if my body insists.
5. It is okay to give myself permission to do nothing sometimes as preventative maintenance for body, mind and spirit; not waiting for my body to insist.
6. After a few days of feeling hopeless, I surrendered and allowed what I could not control and started saying I love you to my body.
7. When I started feeling better and the to-do list started calling, I felt frustrated and irritated when my body and energy still would not co-operate. I began saying I love you to my feelings.
8. Most importantly, I experienced an expansion of my heart and an out-pouring of compassion to all beings currently experiencing emotional, mental and physical situations in all degrees. Now I am more regularly choosing to energetically send love to all.

Although normally we might label the flu as “bad”, I am grateful for this experience in which I learned to love myself more, not less because of how I felt physically and emotionally. This experience allowed me to acknowledge, feel and love myself and others more.

So now I can say “Wow! This is what that feels like!”
Note: Before getting the flu, I was nudged to read a book entitled “Whatever Arises, Love That: A Love Revolution That Begins with You” by Matt Kahn. I was able to consciously use this concept in lovingly moving through my flu experience. Thank you, Matt for sharing your gifts.

© Sherry Buikema ~ February 22, 2016