About Energy Work “I can’t tell you how much better my back and neck feels now and my posture has so improved – without effort to hold my body more erect.  Before it was really difficult. Actually like a load has been lifted from my shoulders, both literally and emotionally. When I sighed a couple of times during the treatment, I felt the release and a blockage released. Just being in the presence of you does so much for me. You are a gift to me!” ~ B.W., Kingston, ON

About Numerology “Right from the beginning Sher was right on. Everything she gave me was confirmation and validation of what my spirit guides had been telling me. So for me, I felt seen and heard for who I am in this reading. I would highly recommend it for anyone that is searching to find themselves. What you were born with, what your lessons are and your highest potential are a marking to guide me in my life as my North Star.” ~ A.D., Picton, ON

About October 20th Day Retreat “Karen and Sherry, thank you both so much for a fantastic day!  It was sooo relaxing and such a great group.  Looking forward to many more!” ~ P.R., Picton, ON

About January 26th Day Retreat “I have to say that this has been a true joy to take part in this beautiful day of peace and relaxation and to be able to take some time for me. What a beautiful space you have here, very tranquil. I hope I will be able to come back and continue my own personal journey. Thank you.” ~ S.H., Picton, ON

About February 23rd Day Retreat “Such a wonderful, beautiful and insightful day. Look forward to pursuing my journey wherever it takes me. Let’s do this some more!” ~ K.W., Picton, ON

About March 23rd Day Retreat “So grateful for the peace, love and light throughout and beyond this special day.” ~ E.M., Picton, ON

About September 28th Day Retreat “Thank you so much for a fantastic day in a peaceful environment where I felt comfortable to slow down and take a moment to be. Lots of Love.” ~ K.D., Picton, ON

About February 22nd Day Retreat “What a wonderful morning of peace and abundance in such a beautiful setting. Thank you!” ~ J.R., Napanee, ON


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