Golden Infinity Flow Technique or G.I.F.T. for short is a series of alignments, attunements, activations and accelerations designed to assist in raising your vibrational frequency. When frequency is raised, dense energy frequencies are released, as they are replaced with a sense of overall well-being. That which no longer serves you, simply falls away and you become more energetically open to express your authentic self and purpose.

Crystals and intuitively created cards, known as Divine Activator Codes created through my dear friend, Deb-Aurah Araznu assist you in harmony with your intention, the highest and greatest good and with grace and ease.

This is a very gentle, yet powerful method for raising frequency. It is an honour and joy to share this offering with you. ♥

Session times available Mondays through Saturdays.

Message (oneplacetobe@hotmail.ca) or call me (613-476-3144) with a date and time that works best for you and we will make a match.

1 hour sessions > $55. ~ Use of 3 divine activator codes, intuitively chosen from deck of 33 cards; approximately ½ hour on the table and ½ hour for before and after dialogue.

1 ½ hour session > $99.  ~ Use of 7 chakra activator codes (root to crown); approximately 1 hour on the table and 1/2 hour for before and after dialogue.

1 ½ hour session > $99. ~ Use of  8 crystalline energy centre activator codes (earth star to soul star); approximately 1 hour on the table and 1/2 hour for before and after dialogue.

*Note: If need be, a chair may be used for your session.

Questions welcome. {{{ ♥ }}} Sherry


I completed 22 practicum sessions and received final attunement and certificate on December 21, 2015 from Anaël Beshara and Deb-Aurah Araznu, Emmisaries of Light. (www.andromedanlightwork.com)

Thank you to those assisting me in reaching this goal.