Sherry, I wanted to share my positive experience with your healing sessions. The beautiful setting and closeness to nature synergize to allow divine love to flow freely. I found myself at ease, even though the process itself is so profound. I am still feeling ripple effects! Thank you so much! 
~ Jennine C., November 2020

I had three sessions with Sherry recently and I wasn’t expecting the amazing results I received. I had experienced a lot of grief and loss in the year past but had to continue on with life so was forced to bury my pain and trudge forward. This caused me to walk around with a heavy feeling and a heavy heart. During my sessions, Sherry worked to help me relieve the grief and let it out which left me feeling lighter and much happier. I have had healing work done in the past but nothing as powerful as this. 
~ Robin P., November 2020

“I didn’t know what to expect walking into One Place To Be, then I met the wonderfully amazing Sherry. Not only did she welcome me into her home, but also into her heart. After my session with Sherry and her G.I.F.T. I felt changed in way much deeper than ever before. A change or shift happened that is unexplainable where I feel not only lighter, but open, like I am seeing things with wider eyes and a new vision to where my life is going and the path ahead of me. I truly want to thank Sherry and her G.I.F.T. for opening a new window to my soul. I strongly recommend a visit to One Place To Be; it feels like coming home.” ~ Alana C., Picton, ON

“I had never heard of GIFT before but I am personally drawn towards crystals and energy work. During my session I did my best not to think, but to stay present and breathe. A few “feelings” that came up for me were, the peeling away of heaviness, followed by a sense of openness (almost as if I was standing on a cliff on the edge of the ocean) then towards the end I had a very hard time staying still, I was very fidgety. When the session was over I felt balanced, a calm energy and simple happiness. From this experience I will be doing another GIFT session with Sherry. She holds the space with compassion, grace and wisdom.” ~ Julie M., Picton, ON

About Energy Work “I can’t tell you how much better my back and neck feels now and my posture has so improved – without effort to hold my body more erect. Before it was really difficult. Actually like a load has been lifted from my shoulders, both literally and emotionally. When I sighed a couple of times during the treatment, I felt the release and a blockage released. Just being in the presence of you does so much for me. You are a gift to me!” ~ B.W., Kingston, ON

About Numerology “Right from the beginning Sher was right on. Everything she gave me was confirmation and validation of what my spirit guides had been telling me. So for me, I felt seen and heard for who I am in this reading. I would highly recommend it for anyone that is searching to find themselves. What you were born with, what your lessons are and your highest potential are a marking to guide me in my life as my North Star.” ~ A.D., Picton, ON

About October 20th Day Retreat “Karen and Sherry, thank you both so much for a fantastic day! It was sooo relaxing and such a great group. Looking forward to many more!” ~ P.R., Picton, ON

About January 26th Day Retreat “I have to say that this has been a true joy to take part in this beautiful day of peace and relaxation and to be able to take some time for me. What a beautiful space you have here, very tranquil. I hope I will be able to come back and continue my own personal journey. Thank you.” ~ S.H., Picton, ON

About February 23rd Day Retreat “Such a wonderful, beautiful and insightful day. Look forward to pursuing my journey wherever it takes me. Let’s do this some more!” ~ K.W., Picton, ON

About March 23rd Day Retreat “So grateful for the peace, love and light throughout and beyond this special day.” ~ E.M., Picton, ON
About September 28th Day Retreat “Thank you so much for a fantastic day in a peaceful environment where I felt comfortable to slow down and take a moment to be. Lots of Love.” ~ K.D., Picton, ON

About September 28th Day Retreat “Thank you so much for a fantastic day in a peaceful environment where I felt comfortable to slow down and take a moment to be. Lots of Love.” ~ K.D., Picton, ON

About February 22nd Day Retreat “What a wonderful morning of peace and abundance in such a beautiful setting. Thank you!” ~ J.R., Napanee, ON