G.I.F.T. Testimonials


“I didn’t know what to expect walking into One Place To Be, then I met the wonderfully amazing Sherry. Not only did she welcome me into her home, but also into her heart. After my session with Sherry and her G.I.F.T. I felt changed in way much deeper than ever before. A change or shift happened that is unexplainable where I feel not only lighter, but open, like I am seeing things with wider eyes and a new vision to where my life is going and the path ahead of me. I truly want to thank Sherry and her G.I.F.T. for opening a new window to my soul. I strongly recommend a visit to One Place To Be; it feels like coming home.” ~ Alana C., Picton, ON

“I had never heard of GIFT before but I am personally drawn towards crystals and energy work. During my session I did my best not to think, but to stay present and breathe. A few “feelings” that came up for me were, the peeling away of heaviness, followed by a sense of openness (almost as if I was standing on a cliff on the edge of the ocean) then towards the end I had a very hard time staying still, I was very fidgety. When the session was over I felt balanced, a calm energy and simple happiness. From this experience I will be doing another GIFT session with Sherry. She holds the space with compassion, grace and wisdom.” ~ Julie M., Picton, ON