IMG - CopyGematria ~ Ancient Egyptian Numerology

Gematria is a Science and an Art suitable for those who want deeper meaning in their life.  Our human existence is a gift through which we are able to realize truths of the Soul and a more fulfilling joy.

Egyptians believe that our being is represented by eight different aspects ~ Personality, Body, Mind, Spirit, Soul, At Heart, Consciousness and Force. Each aspect reflects qualities we were born with, the lessons to learn in this lifetime, and the highest potential of fulfilling our life purpose.

An individualized chart is a fun self-discovery tool to assist you on your life path!  You will receive a detailed 4-page numerology interpretation.

Gematria Sample 001

 > $55 per chart

To request your Ancient Egyptian Numerology Chart with Sherry

  Call (613)476-3144 or email 

Simply provide your birth name and birth date. 

(first and last as appears on birth certificate)

Your chart is available by in-person appointment at One Place To Be within 7 days of request.  Appointment time is set at time of request.

Skype connection and email version are also available.

 Questions welcome.

To arrange a complimentary “get-acquainted” visit with Sherry and

One Place To Be, call or email to set up a convenient time.


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