Hi Friends,

In light of the busy-ness of season get-togethers, I am opting to pass on December’s Conscious Co-Creators Sharing gathering.

Perhaps over this period we will have opportunities to reflect on the current year, as well as, envisioning our wishes and intentions for 2020 — maybe even creatively expressing these this through images or any other way we are inspired!

Our next Conscious Co-Creators Sharing will be on Tuesday, January 14th from 1 – 3:30 with the theme of “2020 Vision” — sharing our creative expressions, insights and ah-has, as we Conscious Co-Create highest frequencies.

I wish each of you lovely moments of “presence” with family and friends during this magical time of the year! The time of year when the collective re-members the LOVE that we share as one human family!

Lots of love, joy and gratitude overflows for each of you!

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