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A New Day is Dawning


There’s a golden light in the wee-morning hour

Glows ever brighter, with incredible power

It glistens and sparkles on all that it meets

Beautiful, harmonic peace flows in the streets


Each one it touches, gently opening the heart

With inner peace shining outward, it’s only the start

Rippling forward quickly engulfing the next

Neighbour to our right, then one to the left


Brother, sister, tree, plant, animal, bird

Connect with the internal message that is now clearly heard

The message of oneness, love, joy and peace

Healing, each one with grace and with ease

Releasing all hurts, pain and grief

Letting go at last, what a relief


As a new day is dawning there is laughter and cheers

Heartfelt gratitude overflowing into happiness tears

Coming together in oneness… we all are the same

With immense gratitude Divine Spirit we call out your name


~ Sherry Buikema / April 13, 2014


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